Mila Todorova

Retreat Instructor

Transformative Experiences
Nature Therapy

Discover nature's healing effects through immersive outdoor experiences.


Master breathwork for enhanced overall well-being.

Stillness and Movement

Balance meditation and physical movement for health.

Somatic Energy Healing

Unlock body healing through energy balancing.

Spiritual Ecology

Connect spirituality with environmental consciousness.


Harmonize mind, body, and spirit.


Embrace full physical presence and awareness.

Transformational Journeys

Private & Group Immersions at The Altar of Beauty

Embark on a Personalized Journey of Self-Discovery and Growth
Welcome to The Altar of Beauty’s Private & Group Immersions, where we offer transformative experiences tailored to your personal journey or your group’s collective needs.

Private Immersions

Customized for You:

Dive deep into self-exploration with a session that’s uniquely crafted to meet your individual goals and preferences.

One-on-One Attention:

Benefit from the undivided attention and guidance, ensuring a deeply personal and impactful experience.

Flexible Scheduling:

Choose a time that fits your lifestyle, with options for different durations to accommodate your needs.

Group Immersions

Shared Growth:

Embark on a journey of discovery with friends, family, or colleagues, fostering stronger connections and shared experiences.

Diverse Offerings:

From nature therapy and breathwork to somatic healing, our group sessions cover a wide range of holistic practices.

Customizable Themes:

Tailor your group immersion to focus on specific areas such as stress relief, spiritual ecology, or embodiment practices.

Breathe Deeply, Live Fully

Why Choose Our Immersions?

  • Expert Facilitators: Our skilled facilitators bring a wealth of knowledge and experience, ensuring a safe and enriching experience.
  • Holistic Approach: We blend various practices like nature therapy, breathwork, and energy healing for a well-rounded and profound journey.
  • Serene Environment: Conducted in soothing and nurturing settings, our immersions provide the perfect backdrop for growth and relaxation.


Mindful Wellness Path

Session Booking Information

  • How to Book: Simply contact us through the application or at [email protected].
  • Customization Consultation: We offer pre-booking consultations to understand your needs and craft the perfect immersion experience.
  • Pricing & Packages: Detailed pricing and package options are available upon request. Group rates vary based on size and session length.

Connect with Us

Begin your transformative journey with The Altar of Beauty’s Private & Group Immersions. Contact us today to schedule your immersion or to learn more about our offerings.